Debit Card  ___________________________
To report a lost Debit Card dial 1-800-528-2273

The credit union's MasterCard Debit Card is accepted as cash by most merchants who accept the MasterCard Credit Card and at ATM's worldwide.

Apply for an MasterCard Debit Card today. 

  • To Qualify
  1. You must have a share draft (checking) account at the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  1. Telecheck must issue an approval code for you.
  1. Your share draft (checking) account must not reflect more than 3 NSF checks within the last 12 months and cannot show a negative balance when your application is processed.

  •  To Apply
  1. Complete the Debit Card Application for the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  1. Complete the Debit Card Agreement for the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  1. Return the completed agreement and completed application to the credit union.

  •  After Approval
  1. Your card will be available at the credit union within 7 to 10 days after your application is received.
  1. You will return your ATM card at that time, if you have one.
If you use your debit card for purchases over the Internet, you will be asked to obtain a MasterCard Secure Code at the following location:

The MasterCard Secure Code will help protect both you and the credit union from losses due to fraudulent use of your debit card.


Updated 11/15/2013