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Emergency Payroll Advance Loan

The Express-News Federal Credit Union offers a short-term loan to advance money to members from their immediate future earnings for an emergency need.

To qualify for this loan a member must have direct deposit of their full paycheck at the Express-News Federal Credit Union.  No credit checks will be made and no other restrictions apply.

The amount of Emergency Payroll Advance loan is limited to 80% of the net pay of the member's next paycheck.  A member may receive only one Emergency Payroll Advance in a three-month period.

An Emergency Payroll Advance loan must be repaid in-full from member's next paycheck.

The member will be charged a $25 processing fee for the Emergency Payroll Advance.   Interest will not be charged on the Emergency Payroll Advance if it is repaid when due.

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Helping Hand Loan

This loan is designed for those who have had problems qualifying for a loan. The requested amount may not exceed the memberís monthly gross income.  The approved amount  will be determined by a special loan review  committee consisting  of one loan officer and two Credit Advisory Board members.

Members who have not been able to borrow from the credit union may now qualify.   A high debt ratio will not prevent a Helping Hand Loan from being considered.  ďP&LísĒ, except ENFCU P&Lís, will not count against the borrower if these accounts are paid off.  Accounts that are 90 days or more delinquent must be brought current.  This loan may be used to bring P&Lís and delinquent accounts current.  Recurring delinquent accounts will have an unfavorable impact on loan approval.  Collateral may be used to increase the amount borrowed through a Helping Hands Loan.

Members are encouraged to contact the credit union for more information about the Helping Hand Loan.

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Auto Title Loan

To qualify for an Auto Title Loan with an interest rate of 18% APR*, the borrower must:

  1. be the primary applicant; however, the borrower may have a co-applicant.
  2. have a clear title to the vehicle they want to use as collateral.
  3. have a debt ratio of 40% or less.
  4. have direct deposit with our credit union as the payment will be automatically deducted from the borrower's account.
  5. not have had a "P&L" (uncollected loan balance write-off) with our credit union within the last seven years.
  6. have comprehensive and collision insurance on the vehicle to be used as collateral with a deductible no higher than $500.

Other conditions:

  1. The credit union must be able to book the vehicle (obtain a blue book price).
  2. The amount of the loan cannot exceed 50% of the loan value of the vehicle.
  3. The loan will be for no more than 18 months.

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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Loan Late Fees

The late fee on loans will be 5% of the interest due, not to exceed $20.00.

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Electronic Services
EN-Touch - 24/7 Access to Your Accounts

EN-Touch is a very popular service with our members.

EN-Touch gives members 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to their credit union accounts.   Members are able to check balances and most recent transactions including direct deposits, transfer funds between accounts and perform other functions.  Members may transfer from different account numbers using EN-Touch.

Members access EN-Touch using a touch tone telephone by dialing 250-3456 or toll free from outside of the San Antonio dialing area at 1-800-555-1551 extension 3456.

For additional information about EN-Touch, go to the EN-Touch web page.  For help with EN-Touch, please contact the credit union office.

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Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and E-Statements,

ENFCU online, the Online Banking Services of the Express-News Federal Credit Union, is available.  Contact the credit union to signup for ENFCU online.

Signup now!  Come by the credit union to get a User's Name and a temporary Password.  You will be asked to provide your e-mail address

Online Bill Pay is a free service.  Members need access to Online Banking to use Online Bill Pay.  Once in Online Banking clicking on Bill Payment, a menu selection at the top of the screen, will begin Online Bill Pay.

Sign-up for E-Statements today and enjoy the convenience of getting your credit union statement via e-mail every month.

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PULSE PAY Saves You Money

You save money whenever you use your Express-News Federal Credit Union ATM card or MasterCard debit card at the many merchant locations offering PULSE PAY as an option to pay for purchases.

You save on checks, and if you use the "cash back" feature of PULSE PAY, you may save a trip to an ATM possibly incurring ATM fees.  The cash back feature allows you to get cash when you make a purchase.  Cash back with PULSE PAY is similar to writing a check to the grocery store for more than the amount of your purchase and getting the difference back as cash.

Credit union members are never charged a fee for PULSE PAY transactions even when you get cash back.   The  merchant does not charge you; the credit union does not charge you.

Locations accepting ATM cards or MasterCard debit cards for purchases include many grocery stores, drug stores, gasoline stations/convenience stores, fast food restaurants and even U.S. Post Offices.

PULSE PAY is safe, convenient, fast and free, and your ATM card or MasterCard debit card takes up less space in your wallet/purse than your check book.

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Reorder Checks 24/7 Using the Internet

Log on to Liberty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for secure, convenient check reordering.  You can also purchase a wide selection of accessories.

Order your checks online. Select from designer checks or customize your personal check designs with your own photos!  Add a checkbook cover or mailing labels.

Order your checks online

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ATM Card Fees

The fees for using your Express-News Federal Credit Union MasterCard Debit card or ATM card are as follows:

Pulse Pay - Purchases with your debit card or ATM card including "cash-back": 

FREE  (see below for additional information about PULSE PAY)

Transactions at ATM's:

    We charge you $1.00
    The ATM may charge you also.

To minimize our members' cost of using ATM's, the Express-News Federal Credit Union participates in the CO-OP ATM Network.  This network allows Express-News Federal Credit Union members to use any CO-OP ATM with no ATM surcharge.  Members will be charged $1 by the ENFCU when using a CO-OP ATM.  If you have questions about the CO-OP ATM program, contact the credit union. For a list of CO-OP ATMís, go to the CO-OP Network's website at

Cash withdrawals, account transfers and account inquiries may be made at ATM's.  Deposits to an Express-News Federal Credit Union account may not be made at any ATM.

ATM cards are safer than cash, easy to use and take up less room in your purse, billfold or pocket than cash or your checkbook. If you do not currently have an Express-News Federal Credit Union ATM card or MasterCard debit card, visit the credit union today to get one.

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Transfer Between Members' Accounts with Online Banking

Members may make transfers to or from other related members' accounts using ENFCU Online, the online banking service of the Express-News Federal Credit Union.

Members must contact the credit union to be setup for these types of transfers and authorized signers for both accounts must authorize the use of this function.

This type of transfer is different than a transfer between a member's share (savings) account and the same member's share draft (checking) account or similar transfers that are available to all members with access to online banking.

Contact the credit union today if you are interested in using this new transfer function.

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Cancelled Check Images Available

View Cancelled Checks Online

Members may view and print images of cancelled checks through online banking by clicking on the check number when viewing share draft account history.

Members may print the image if desired by clicking on the "Click here to print" line at the top of the check image screen.  The check image may not print correctly if the browser's print functions are used..

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 A Different Way to Pay with a Check

Some merchants are beginning to participate in a new method of check processing.  This method is known as check conversion at the point-of-sale or truncation.

Under this concept, you present a check to the merchant as you do now.  The merchant swipes the check through a terminal capturing the MICR data on the check.  Purchase information such as the amount of the purchase is keyed into the terminal.  The merchant stamps your check "paid" and hands it back to you for your records.  The merchant sends the check data through the banking system electronically.

At the present time, the check arrives at your financial institution through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) system and is deducted from your account on the next business day.  If you do not have enough money in your account to cover the check, the transaction goes back to the merchant.  The transaction goes back to the merchant much faster since it is an electronic transaction, not a paper transaction.

In the future, these types of transactions may work the same as your ATM or debit card when you use it for a PULSE PAY purchase.  The merchant will know instantly if you have enough money in your account.  As soon as the merchant swipes the check, the money is taken out of your account.

This method of check processing should make writing checks easier, even in out of town locations.  The method will help hold down the cost to the merchant and financial institution of processing your payment keeping the cost of business as low as possible.  With its advantages comes this disadvantage of losing the float time when you write a check.

Someday when you pay a merchant by check, don't be surprised if the merchant accepts your payment and then hands the canceled check back to you.

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 E-Statements Available

Save your identity with E-Statements.  Reduce your chances of being a victim of mail fraud - receive your Express-News Federal Credit Union Statements electronically. 

Even though identity thieves are finding new ways to steal information over the Internet, the original theft - for example, taking out a credit card in your name - tends to be a low tech crime.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, about half of the country's victims know how their information was swiped, and in many cases the breach was paper - bills, credit card solicitations and financial statements - pilfered from garbage cans and mailboxes.

Banking and paying bills online not only cuts off thieves' access to the papers they need to commit ID theft, but also helps detect the crime sooner.  This is because consumers who bank online check their accounts much more frequently - nearly four times per month compared to once a month for those who receive statements by mail.

Receive your statement electronically and enjoy safety, timeliness and convenience.  Come by the credit union to sign up for this service. 

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Reporting Lost or Stolen Debit or Credit Cards

If your card is lost or stolen call:

  1. 1-800-528-2273 for your debit card.
  2. 1-800-442-4757 for your credit card.

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 MasterCard Services

Paying Your Credit Card Bill Just Got Easier!

Now you can pay your ENFCU MasterCard over the phone or through the Internet.  It's fast, easy and so convenient - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you hate to write out those checks every month, take advantage of these services.

Over the Phone at 1-800-442-4757 Using EZ Pay in Either English or Spanish

To pay by phone, call 1-800-442-4757 and use the automated "EZ Pay" system in either English or Spanish by following simple prompts to make your payment.  Your payment comes straight from your checking account with any financial institution.  Your checking account does not need to be with the credit union.  Of course, we encourage you to open a low-cost credit union checking account with no minimum balance and no charge for checks written.  Payments may not be made from a savings account, from another credit card or from a temporary checking account.  

If you prefer, you can speak with a customer service representative.  Members may get assistance on credit card issues any time day the day, any day of the week (24/7).  This number is for MasterCard services only.  Check your card account, change your address or make an "eZ Payment" over the telephone - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  MasterCard services is there when needed for personal assistance.

Payments made before 4:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday will post that night after midnight.  Any payment made after 4:45 p.m. will post the next business day after midnight.  Payments made between 4:45 p.m. on Friday and 4:45 p.m. on Sunday will post Sunday after midnight, and the effective date will reflect Sunday's date.  Payments are typically deducted from your checking account within two business days.

Payments will not be processed on credit card accounts that are currently set up for AutoPay or with a status of bankrupt or charged-off.  Payments may only be made by the primary or secondary user on the credit card account and may not be made for an amount greater than the full balance.  You may make only one payment per day and cancellations must be made before 4:45 p.m. on the same day.

 eZ Pay is free and is a fast, easy way to make payments without writing a check.

Through the Internet at GoToMyCard

Our home-banking members have it even easier through our website at  Sign up to view your credit card information online with GoToMyCard.  Now you can make your credit card payments on the site as an added feature. What Could Be Easier?

What could be easier?

The choice is up to you - pay by check, by phone or through our website at

The credit union does not accept credit card payments in the credit union office - either in person or over the phone.  Payments must be sent to the address shown on your credit card statement or made over the phone using eZ Pay or through the Internet at GoToMyCard. 

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MasterCard Debit Card

Apply for an Express-News Federal Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card today.  This debit card is accepted as cash by most merchants who accept the MasterCard Credit Card and at ATM's worldwide.

To qualify for an Express-News Federal Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card:

  1. You must have a share draft (checking) account at the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  2. Telecheck must issue an approval code for you.
  3. Your share draft (checking) account must not reflect more than 3 NSF checks within the last 12 months and cannot show a negative balance when your application is processed.

To apply for an Express-News Federal Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card:

  1. Complete the Debit Card Application for the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  2. Complete the Debit Card Agreement for the Express-News Federal Credit Union.
  3. Return the completed agreement and completed application to the credit union.

Your card will be available at the credit union within 7 to 10 days after your application is received. You will return your PULSE ATM card at that time, if you have one.

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MasterCard SecureCode

Are you concerned about security when using your MasterCard to make purchases over the Internet?

The MasterCard SecureCode allows only you to purchase online with your MasterCard.  Protect your cards with your own personal SecureCode so that only you can purchase with them online. 

In the next few months, all MasterCard accountholders will be prompted to participate in the MasterCard Secure Code Program when making non face-to-face transactions (i.e. by telephone or Internet).

Activation during shopping with required participation is designed to protect the online shopper, as well as reduce identity theft for all cardholders, by allowing cardholders to add a personal password to their existing card.  When making a purchase with a participating online merchant, the cardholder will validate their identity by entering a password in a special MasterCard Secure window.  Cardholders who have not enrolled will not be allowed to make purchases at this site.

The Express-News Federal Credit Union's MasterCard SecureCode web site has additional information.  Visit the site for information or to register for your MasterCard SecureCode at:

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Be Alert to Credit Card/ATM Card Fraud

To help prevent credit card/ATM (plastic) card fraud, members should review all plastic card transactions carefully and immediately report anything you do not recognize to the credit union.

Other actions to take to help prevent plastic card fraud are:

  • Routinely check your credit report for unusual activity.
  • Have the post office hold your mail or have a trusted friend collect your mail each day whenever you leave town.
  • Do not give out personal information, such as account numbers, Social Security numbers or PIN, to anyone over the telephone unless you know the party on the other end of the line and if you initiated the telephone call.

If you have been a victim of Internet fraud, make a report to, the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC).  Information submitted to the IFCC is reviewed by the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

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Canceling Recurring Charges to Your MasterCard

Recurring charges to your MasterCard for expenses such as Internet access services, club dues or mail order installments present a unique problem.  Once you have authorized the billing, the merchant has no further requirement to obtain authorizations prior to each installment charge.  Should you need to cancel this type of billing, you must follow these three steps:

  • Write a letter to the merchant canceling the service and revoking the merchant's right to charge your account (your card).  Even if there is a non-cancelable contract, you may still revoke the merchant's right to charge your account and request direct billing.
  • Send the letter to the merchant by certified mail and keep the receipt.
  • Send a copy of the letter and the certified mail receipt to the address below with a dispute form or letter stating the merchant no longer has the right to charge your account.

                                            Customer Service
                                            POB 815909
                                            Dallas, TX 75381

You should monitor your MasterCard statement carefully.  If the merchant submits additional charges, you should notify Customer Service immediately.  Charges made after the cancellation date may be charged back to the merchant.  Please remember that it is your responsibility to cancel any recurring charges.  Please call Customer Service at 800-422-4757 with any questions.

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Other Services



Coin Counter Available

The Credit Union has a coin counter so that we can accept loose coins.  You do not have to wrap your coins before making a deposit.

Please note that if you bring in an exceptionally large amount of coins and we're very busy we may not be able to give you immediate credit.

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Members Financial Network

Click on the Members Financial Network logo below or on our web site's home page to check out this new service to our members.  The credit union and CUNA Mutual Insurance Group have teamed up to offer this new and exciting service to our members.  It provides a vast number of educational materials and investment opportunities.

Money Management - A five minute financial checkup and financial calculators.

Insurance and Investments - Info on self-investing and all types of insurance.

Members Brokernet - On-line broker services.

Education Center - All topics from college to retirement.

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Save with Insurance from Liberty Mutual

Credit unions members can now save money on their automobile, homeowners, renters and life insurance.

Special discounted group rates are now available with no down payment or finance charges.  Convenient pay plans including automatic withdrawal from your account are available.  You may have payroll deduction go to your account to cover the automatic withdrawal.

For information, contact Liberty Mutual at 496-3611.

It is your responsibility to have enough money in your account to pay your Liberty Mutual and/or AFLAC  insurance premiums.

If you do not have enough money in your account, you will receive an overdraft notice from the credit union when the transaction from the insurance company bounces.  If the transaction bounces, the insurance company will resubmit it in two or three days.  If it bounces again, you will receive another overdraft notice from the credit union.  The overdraft notice states that the transaction is from Liberty Mutual or AFLAC.

Also the insurance company will notify you that your premium is past due.

Another way to tell if your premium has not been paid is to look on your monthly statement from the credit union.  If the premium payment is not on the statement, it has not been paid.

Do not take a chance of losing your insurance coverage.  Watch for overdraft notices from the credit union, watch for notices from the insurance company and check your monthly credit union statement.

Talk to the credit union staff about ways to help make certain your premium is paid every month.

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Premier Credit Reports
Do You Know What's On Your Credit Report?

Credit professionals advise that "Every person should monitor their personal credit report on a regular basis."  When was the last time you reviewed your personal credit report?

The Express-News Federal Credit Union now offers the Premier Credit Report.   You may now order credit reports over the Internet from one, two or all three national credit-reporting agencies.   You will receive an easy-to-read credit report and see what the creditors see.  The Premier Credit Report also shows you who has been looking at your credit report.  Click here is access the Premier Credit Reports from the SARMA web site.

The SARMA web site allows you:

  • to get an Experian credit report online instantly,
  • to order your credit report online and receive it within 7 to 10 days by standard U.S. Mail delivery,
  • to sign up for monitoring  and receive a monthly notification of any change to your credit report and
  • to obtain information on how to order a credit report in person, by telephone or through the mail.

Find out what is on your credit report - the key to your credit future.

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General Information

Advantages of Membership

  • Members of your immediate family are eligible for membership
  • Once a member, always a member  (lifetime membership as long as the account remains open)
  • Higher interest rates paid on savings
  • Lower interest rates charged on loans
  • Web Site -
  • Online Banking (with Online Bill Pay, Online Loan Application and E-Statements)
  • Mobile Banking - available for all smart phones
  • EN-Touch - banking by telephone, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Deposit by direct deposit
  • Various accounts available:
    • Share (savings)
    • Share Draft (checking) - no minimum balance and no service charge
    • Money Market
    • Share Certificates (CD's)
    • Christmas Club and Special Savings
    • Individual Retirement Accounts - Share or Share Certificates 
  • All types of loans available:
    • Home Mortgage
    • Home Equity
    • FHA Title I Home Improvement
    • Auto and Other Vehicles
    • Boat
    • Furniture/Electronic Equipment
    • Line of Credit
    • Share Secured
    • Helping Hand
    • Emergency Payroll Advance
  • MasterCard, Gold MasterCard and Share-Secured MasterCard
  •   MasterCard Debit Card and ATM Cards - Member of CO-OP ATM Network.
  • Insurance Programs - AFLAC and Liberty Mutual
  • Discount Tickets to movies, Fiesta Texas and Via Transit bus passes.
  • Postage stamps available in the credit union office

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Your Volunteer Board of Directors

  • Michael Marke
 - Chairperson
  • Linda Case 
 - Vice Chairperson
  • Fran Laue 
 - Secretary
  • Mickeu Urias 


  • Carol Murray
 - Supervisory Committee Chair
  • Michael Knoop   
  • Peter Garcia 

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Updated 11/15/2013